Brionna was raised on a 75 acre farm in Idaho. She grew up creating adventure outdoors, surrounded herself around animals, and was always active with school sports and other extracurricular activities. She was recruited to play volleyball for California Lutheran University; where she was a collegiate athlete for 4 years. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a minor in Philosophy. She earned her Masters of Arts degree in Psychology at Phillip’s Graduate Institute.



Brionna is a Self Mastery Coach, Key Note Speaker, and Podcast Host. She has been coaching clients for 15 years both remotely and in person. Through her own unexpected journey of loss, disappointment, and unexpected change, Brionna realized her journey WAS the catalyst to realizing how RAD of a life you can live, no matter the challenges faced.


RADical Speaker

Brionna Morse is a motivational and key note speaker and entrepreneur. She has a talent of being vulnerable and authentic, in order to connect with her audience and empower them to discover their purpose. Most say Brionna is relatable and connects to a diverse audience. As a clinically trained therapist, Brionna has a gift of bringing clarity to confusion and shining light amongst darkness; providing both insight and skills for those attending her seminars.



Brionna has two major passions. First, she is focused on improving her health. She loves to run, hike, lift heavy, challenge herself with personalized HITT/Circuit workouts, and compete in 5k/10k races and triathlons. Second, she loves to give her time to help animals. She has fostered many dogs, volunteered her time to get active dogs out of the kennel, and shares her passion for rescuing dogs who otherwise may not have a chance to thrive.