I believe that in order to be a great leader and run a successful company, you must become introspective. It is through self examination and an increase in personal awareness, that you can access greater understanding and creativity. In doing so, this will enhance a leaders ability to make key decisions.

I personalize my workshops and cooperate level programs to teach leaders the skills they need to become more introspective and aware of their own processes. By doing this, you become more mindful in your leadership roles. I will teach you how to maintain a clear vision of the goals you have for your company, all while being able to remain present to current needs. You will also increase your level of compassion and connection towards your staff.  

The value that you and/or your team will receive by attending my workshop is that you will become more well rounded and grounded as a leader. You will be able to develop healthier connections and relationships amongst your team. And, when you attend, you will learn what Mindfulness is and how it can positively enhance your skill set as a leader. Through introspection, you will gain insight and awareness around your own processes. You will learn mindfulness tools which will help decrease stress and provide more clarity, in order to move forward with making key decisions which align with your vision of your company.

Example topics/skills include:

  1. Mindfulness techniques, which will help them remain more present during meetings, staff evaluations, etc.

  2. How to manage change, disruption, and challenge without allowing their own process’ to influence or affect their decisions—developing introspection.

  3. Developing compassion towards staff; how their communication and ability to develop relationships will increase employee retention/success.

What you will leave with after attending in order to encourage more awareness:

  1. How do I meet the stressful moments in my day? What is the ripple effect of my reaction?

  2. Am I contributing to my company in a way that nourishes my body, mind, and spirit?

  3. How am I role modeling mindfulness to my employees? Speaker Biography


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