“Not only did I lose 13 lbs, but I gained more confidence".

“This program has changed me, not just for my health but for my mindset about food. Brionna taught me to take control of my food and not let food control me. I have learned to retrain my thoughts regarding food and to let go of old patterns. Not only did I lose 13 pounds but I gained more confidence.  I can actually look in the mirror and smile, huge step for me. I have tried many other diets/healthy eating, but this program works. Thank you for the new mindset on health and fitness.” 

—Cindee T, Ventura, CA

“I lost 8 lbs and learned to take control of my choices.”

“Brionna helped me to become more self aware of how I interact, use, and see food. She helped me learn that I am not crazy or alone; when I listen to that critic in my head that holds me back. Taking control of my choices has made such a difference for me and how I feel physically and emotionally.”

— Annonymous, Greenville, SC

“I lost 17 lbs and now understand my personal process and relationship with food.”

“If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you're looking from a Personal Coach then Brionna is the woman for you! Brionna is professional, highly motivating, and she helps you connect to your wellness journey by coaching you to be mindful and aware of your choices. Ultimately, helping you stay your course to meet your goals, and in my case exceed my expectations in weight loss. Brionna helped me understand my personal process and relationship with food, my strengths and weaknesses, and the importance of being accepting and loving of myself throughout the process. Working with Brionna isn't just about losing weight it is about creating an individualized plan that works for you with the love, support, and encouragement from someone who truly cares about your success. For that I am beyond grateful, and I know she can do the same for you!

— Annonymous, Ventura, CA

“A healthy relationship with food needs to move beyond weight gain, body fat loss, beyond fitting into an ideal. Start viewing food as a means through which you can attain and sustain a healthier body that allows you to DO more, LAUGH more, MOVE more, LOVE more, and PLAY more. Eat to fuel your body and feel awesome.”